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How to stop eating in Pro Ana

Pro Ana, an eating disorder, makes you follow too many rules. These rules should be followed very religiously else you will be thrown out of their group or community. The people who are in these community are called Anas or Rexies. A true Ana always sticks to the rule no matter what because she is really strong. Nothing can stop her from not eating and she is pretty serious and focused about it. Becoming super thin and skinny becomes their sole motto of life. The tips which Rexies follow to not eat or eat less are

·         Anas are not supposed to eat after evening under any given circumstances. Because sleeping immediately after eating induces more calories to the body. It is also advised to do a small workout session before sleep. This helps to burn food while sleeping.

·         Before every meal Rexies are supposed to drink one full glass of water so they don’t hog much. Also while eating have sips of water in between so that you feel full without eating much of food.

·         Try and not enter into the kitchen. The logic is pretty simple. The less you will see or smell the food, lesser will be the desire to consume it. So there will be lesser calorie intake.

·         They always think before they eat as in they don’t do other activities while eating as in if they eat while chatting they can eat more than what they are supposed to eat. For this reason only Anas prefer eating alone. So they can eat only the amount as per permitted by their diet chart.

·         Rexies do various things when they are hungry to distract them. Like they will brush their teeth because normally people don’t like eating immediately after eating. Also, they start cleaning places from where foul smell comes as in garbage dumps or toilets. The malicious smell from these places stops the pang of hunger and they no more feel like eating.

·         They are not supposed to eat directly from the jar as by doing so it’s difficult to keep the track of quantity of calorie intake. So you are supposed to take out whatever you want to eat in a plate and then eat. Also the plate you choose should be small so that from starting only you serve small quantities of the food.

·         Rexies should have proper calorie count of the food they are having. If they don’t know they can’t have that food item. They have a proper diet chart maintained along with the calorie count. In that chart they have to enter the amount of calorie they are in taking and what they are burning. The number of calories burned should always exceed the number of cal0ries intake.


Anas are supposed to be working harder to burn more calories and also for distractions. The more you are distracted the less you will be thinking about the food. Get indulged more into your hobbies, clean every nook and corner of your house properly, read newspaper word by word etc. These things will help you eat less.